Senators begin work to select Ombudsman

The Senate of the Republic will choose the new Ombudsman by the end of May, according to Ricardo de los Santos, president of the Special Commission in charge of the selection of the head of this institution.

The Special Commission decided to send back the three candidates to the Chamber of Deputies, due to “non-compliances” because the deputies sent three candidates for the positions of deputies and law 367-09 establishes that only two should be chosen.

De los Santos said that this Thursday the commission will meet to establish the methodology to be used to choose the three names of the Ombudsman, his or her deputies and deputies to be presented to the Senate.

During the next two weeks, the commission must make the final evaluations to choose the replacement for the current Ombudsman, Zoila Martínez Guante.

At the beginning of last Tuesday’s session, the president of the Senate of the Republic, Eduardo Estrella, sent to the commission presided by Ricardo de los Santos the shortlists already restructured by the Chamber of Deputies and gave a period of two weeks for the 15 candidates selected to choose the Ombudsman, the deputies and their deputies to be analyzed.

Of the 15 candidates in the three shortlists, the senators must choose five to present a report before the plenary of the Senate of the Republic from which they will select the Ombudsman.

The Chamber of Deputies chose the two shortlists for deputies to the Ombudsman’s Office. The first is composed of Ana Leticia Martich Mateo, Migdalia Antonia Brown Isaac and María Inmaculada Ramos Abreu.

The second is composed of Miguel Berroa Natera, María Altagracia Batista Mejía and Darío Antonio Nin.


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