Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Dominican Republic

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce held “A journey through the history of Dominican tourism”

The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic held the business breakfast “A journey through the history of Dominican tourism”, where it analyzed the last four decades of Dominican tourism and the impact that foreign investment has had as a contribution to the growth experienced.

The event included presentations by the president of Coral Hospitality Corp, Julio Llibre; the executive president of AMHSA Marina Hotels & Resorts, Luis López, and the vice-president of Grupo Puntacana, Simón Suárez.

With this initiative, the Chamber seeks to document for future generations the origin and development of the Dominican tourism industry over the last 40 years, this being one of several events that will be developed for this purpose.

Welcoming remarks were made by Miguel Calzada León, president of CTN and Puro Turismo. In addition, Francisco Pérez, president of the Chamber, thanked the exhibitors for accepting the invitation to participate in the meeting, as well as the attendees and the media for their support afterwards.

Arturo Villanueva, former executive director of Asonahores, highlighted the contributions to the hotel industry of Radhamés Martínez Aponte, former Technical Vice-Minister of Tourism, during a posthumous recognition, which was presented by Francisco Pérez and Artur Cabré to Mrs. Altagracia Martínez, widow of Martínez.

The panel, which was moderated by Simón Suárez, vice-president of Grupo Puntacana, continued with the speakers highlighting the emergence of tourism development in the Dominican Republic and the initial role of Spain, the obstacles, tax incentives, financing, infrastructure, investment and chains, as well as the main markets of origin for its evolution and diversification.

Both Llibre and López emphasized that the Dominican Republic is the only tourist destination in the insular Caribbean capable of financing its tourism industry, emphasizing how this feat was achieved and what the backing of a world-class financial sector such as the banking sector, the stock market and the AFP’s means for the future of tourism and the Dominican economy.

Before the end of the meeting, the tourism entrepreneurs shared their point of view regarding their vision for the next three decades and the commitments that must be assumed to achieve this future, taking into consideration the post-pandemic recovery in which the world finds itself.

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