José María Cabral says that cinema is a mirror

When interviewed by Laura Natalia Castellanos on the Gente Brava podcast, José María Cabral says that the growth of the Dominican film industry cannot be measured only at the international level but also at the local level.

“One also owes it to one’s people,” he says, “cinema is a mirror and the more we make films that are about our identity, and we can project it and see ourselves in that film, that helps a country culturally.”

In the interview, Cabral talks about Hotel Coppelia, his most recent production, currently in Dominican theaters and hand in hand with Lantica Media, and says, “Hotel Coppelia is the result of me wanting to set up a part or a metaphor of the civil war and the U.S. invasion of 1965, and from there I created a story and made it through anonymous characters.” Cabral emphasizes that Hotel Coppelia represents a metaphor of his view of the civil war through the characters of Gloria, Judith, Betty and the other women who are the protagonists of this story.

This interview with Cabral was recorded in August 2020, prior to the premiere of Hotel Coppelia, by Gente Brava, a Dominican podcast that in June of this year celebrates its second anniversary. Freddy Ginebra, Tony Almont, Vicente García, Nashla Bogaert, Carolina Santana, Xiomara Fortuna and Rafael de los Santos, ‘Poteleche’, are some of the guests who converse in its first season. The podcast and interview are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and social media.


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