Celebrating the 732nd anniversary of the Swiss Confederation

The Swiss-Dominican Chamber of Commerce and Tourism and the Swiss Embassy in the Dominican Republic celebrated the 732nd anniversary of the Swiss Confederation.

The event was held at the Ambassador Hotel in Santo Domingo and was attended by government officials, members of the diplomatic corps and top representatives of the private sector, who also celebrated the 175th anniversary of the Swiss Constitution.

According to Rita Hammerli-Weschke, Swiss ambassador to the country, commented on Thursday on the important trade balance between the Dominican Republic and the Swiss Confederation.

“Switzerland has become the second destination for Dominican exports, with a share in exports of USD1,036 million in 2022,” she said.

Meanwhile, Gaetan Bucher, the president of the Swiss-Dominican Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, highlighted the work being done through the Swiss-Dominican Chamber to stimulate the promotion of Swiss investment in the country.

“The first commercial tour to the Swiss Confederation has defined the next steps to increase business and trade in the Dominican Republic and Switzerland, through an agreed strategy,” he said.

During the event, the children of the Fundarmoniartes Foundation performed different musical pieces with instruments donated by the Swiss foundation Musik übers Meer-Music on the Seas. The first intervention, called “Vibrating Strings” performed the national anthems of the Dominican Republic and Switzerland while “Tutumpá” made improvised music with percussion.

Source: Elnuevodiario.com

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