Country’s retail trade brings forward timid Black Friday offers

Global commerce platforms began to offer low prices as a preview to Black Friday marked on the calendar for next 26th of this month, while in the country, in a very timid way, a few companies have already begun to offer discounts as part of this celebration that has become worldwide.

Using the email of buyers, social networks and platforms of large e-commerce chains, a large number of furniture stores, appliances, toys, shoes, electronics and other items are “bombarding” digital users from around the world.

The pre-Black Friday offers are a preview of the celebration, some companies indicate, while other companies clearly state that their offers range from 10% to 70% for the Black Friday celebration.

While these strategies emerge on the web, in the country also digitally some companies have begun to offer offers for Black Friday as in the case of sales of electric motors for gates, electric fences and equipment designed to control access (security).

An international department store based in the country already has its online platform for Black Friday 2021 and in it explains details of the celebration and several links to offers.

The aggressive international commercial strategy may have among its motivations to get out of the inventory in time, before the bottleneck that has been generated in the maritime ports by the shortage and shortage of containers can be aggravated.

As well as a way to mobilize commercial activity as a factor of competition and resource gain in times of great supply uncertainty.

In addition, a residential security equipment company and a bank are at the forefront offering discounts on user purchases.

Meanwhile, on the web you can already see ads for Black Friday purchases in countries such as the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua and others. Ecuador, Nicaragua and others. A foreign store operating in the country already appears with its platform of anticipated offers ready for the purchase of furniture, mattresses, appliances and items for bathrooms and kitchens.

In 2020, according to data from the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, RD$5,947.9 million were transacted between 27-29 November last year, for an increase of RD$610.8 million, 11.4% over 2019. These transactions were made with credit, debit and prepaid cards, according to reports from the monetary entity.

In 2020, “the amount of card transactions on Black Friday far exceeded the transactions recorded for the Fathers’ and Mothers’ holidays, which were RD$4,672.4 million and RD$3,311.7 million, respectively,” the BCRD said at the time. The celebration of Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday (Cyber Monday), which is the Monday following this celebration, have become a dynamic activity for commerce worldwide,

Black Friday

The “Shopping Day”, or the Friday following the fourth Thursday of November is part of the American culture and represents the change of the numbers in the negative accounts of commerce, which go from red to black.


The celebration, according to international reports, began when merchants took advantage of the flood of visitors to Philadelphia for the soccer games, and discounted merchandise to get out of the negative accounts of commerce.


The American soccer fans who came to Philadelphia on the last weekend of November 1961 bought everything they were offered at low prices and from then on merchants began to call Black Friday the day that changed their negative balances (red) to positive (black) in the accounting of their businesses.

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