Credits for more than S/ 12 million to artisanal fishing were delivered in 2021

The Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Pesquero (Fondepes) placed 594 loans for a total of 12 million 722,956 soles during last year, corresponding to 207 operations for aquaculture (3.98 million) and 387 loans for artisanal fishing (8.73 million), informed today the Ministry of Production (Produce).


It detailed that the three regions that received more aquaculture credits were: San Martin with 36 credits for 721,902 soles, Ayacucho with 35 credits for 652,298 soles and Ucayali with 25 credits for 357,547 soles.

The three regions that received the most artisanal fishing credits were: Lambayeque with 95 credits for one million 317,379 soles, Arequipa with 76 credits for two million 2,933 soles and Piura with 66 credits for two million 9,869 soles.

He added that a large part of these credits were placed, by disposition of Produce, through Fondepes, in the last quarter of the year in order to mitigate the negative effects generated by covid-19.

In this case it was a line of credit for artisanal fishermen, amounting to five million soles.

Through the same provision, embarked and non-embarked artisanal fishermen were able to acquire goods or services at rates of 3 % per annum and payable in 36 months with a grace period of four months.

Thus, central engines, auxiliary fishing systems, vessel repairs and maintenance, thermal insulation of holds and deck, fishing gear, diving suits, artisanal fishing nets, artisanal processing and navigation equipment, among others, were considered.


He detailed that in infrastructure, the artisanal fishing landing sites of Acapulco in Tumbes and Yacila in Piura were completed and delivered in 2021, benefiting a total of more than 4,600 people in both localities.

The first had an investment of 29.3 million soles and the second, 28 million soles.

The “Improvement of services at the Quilca artisanal fishing landing site” in Arequipa was also delivered, benefiting more than 2,900 people, including fishermen and their families.

Likewise, the technical file for the improvement of the services of the artisanal fishing landing site (DPA) Puerto Morín (La Libertad) was completed, the execution of which will begin this year.

Likewise, the complementary work on the dock of the Bahía Blanca DPA (Ventanilla, Callao) was completed and the Technical Protocol for Sanitary Authorization was granted for the DPAs of Acapulco in Tumbes; Los Órganos, Talara and Yacila in Piura.


He also highlighted the work in training and technical development for both artisanal fishing and aquaculture, benefiting a total of 15,452 people in both specialties, an estimated 662 in person and the difference virtually.

He also highlighted that in the area of aquaculture, Fondepes had the participation of 1,163 representatives from nineteen countries, who were trained in different topics throughout last year.

They were from Mexico, Uruguay, Ecuador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico. Argentina, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Chile, Spain, United States, Cuba and Panama.

In the case of Peru, the main beneficiaries were from the regions of Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque, Libertad, Cajamarca, Loreto, San Martin, Ucayali, Ancash, Lima, Ica, Madre de Dios, Moquegua, Arequipa, Tacna, Puno and Huancavelica.

A total of 398 activities and training courses were carried out, including: Management of Artisanal Fishing Infrastructure, Application of Sanitary Standards for Fishing and Aquaculture Activities, Marketing of Fishery Resources and Products, Processing of Fishery Resources, Biofloc System applied to Aquaculture, Trout Farming Techniques, Design for Marine Farming in Suspended System and Auxiliary Crops for Aquaculture in Amazonian Conditions, among others.

Likewise, during the past year, the I National Meeting of Artisanal Fishermen 2021 was held, with the participation of 48 artisanal fishing leaders from 11 regions of the country.


In this way, Produce and Fondepes closed 2021 fulfilling the objectives they set, despite the instability faced as a consequence of the pandemic, according to official information provided by the latter.

Among its main achievements were the construction and delivery of new artisanal fishing landing sites, loans granted to artisanal fishermen, as well as training and technical development activities in both artisanal fishing and aquaculture.

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