D.R. exports grow 28.4% in January-May 2021

Free trade zones represent 59.6% of exports during this period.

During the first five months of this year, the Dominican Republic exported US$4,758.3 million, of which US$2,839 million corresponded to products manufactured under the free trade zone regime, representing 59.6% of the total value exported. Domestic exports contributed US$1,787.1 million, equivalent to 37.5%.

According to statistics published by the General Customs Directorate (DGA), the two months with the highest exports were March with US$1,114.7 million and May with US$1,025.2 million, respectively, while January was the month with the lowest exports, reaching US$740.4 million.

When comparing the official figures for the same period in 2020, when exports reached a value of US$3,703 million, with what was exported this 2021, a net increase of US$1,055.3 million is reflected, equivalent to 28.4%.

During the first five months of last year, exports under the free zone regime reached US$2,108 million, which, compared to this year, shows a net increase of US$731 million, or 34.6%, while national exports, during that period, reached US$1,454 million, which compared to 2021, reflects a net growth of US$333 million, equivalent to 23%.

The months with the highest exported value in 2020 were February with US$894 million and March when US$816.7 million were exported, while the month with the lowest exports recorded was April with US$541.2 million, a period when covid-19 was causing its greatest havoc in the world economy.

According to official figures, by October 2020 exports began to show signs of improvement, since in that month the amount exported reached US$925 million and in December US$914 million, to close that year with US$9,853.1 million exported.



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