DR and Japan project to produce Japanese pears in Constanza

The project responds to the conditions established by the current government administration, whose policy aims to “improve the quality of life of people living in rural areas”.

The Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development and the Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD), in coordination with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), launched the project “Development of the Japanese Pear Production Zone” in the community of La Culata, Constanza, with the objective of teaching cultivation techniques that will allow local farmers to produce this fruit.

The project responds to the conditions established by the present government administration, within the framework of rural population and agricultural development, whose policy aims to “improve the quality of life of people living in rural areas”.

The event was headed by Clara Aquino, Director General of Bilateral Cooperation of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development; Francisco García, Director General of DIA; José Luis Morillo, Director of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX); Masahiro Takagi, Ambassador of Japan in the Dominican Republic, and Takayuki Kondo, Resident Representative of JICA.

The General Director of Bilateral Cooperation said that for the Ministry of Economy the initiative is of great relevance because it constitutes an opportunity to increase participation in the economic and social development of the community and its inhabitants; in addition, the articulation in the national productive sector, to convert the production of Japanese pears in a distinctive local specialty of La Culata, Constanza, which will experience positive changes for the benefit of 70 farming families and diversify the supply of fruit in the market. .

He added that supporting communities is one of the primary objectives of the Dominican State, since, by providing them with tools aimed at strengthening their skills and capabilities, as well as taking advantage of the benefits of natural resources and, together with the commitment of citizens, sustainable development is guaranteed.

The IAD director expressed his appreciation for the start of the project for the agrarian reform transformation process carried out by the institution he directs. He also thanked the government of Japan, through its embassy in the country and JICA, for its contributions to make the initiative a reality and provide a better quality of life to its beneficiaries.

Likewise, it was highlighted that DIA received from the government of Japan, last December 2021, a donation of more than two thousand seeds, to promote the cultivation of Japanese pears in order to increase its vast supply of the product and bring them to the domestic market . markets.

For his part, the Director of International Cooperation of MIREX stressed the importance of implementing projects that diversify the country’s agricultural production, in order to generate a positive impact on the economy by strengthening the capacities of local producers. He pointed out that this initiative further strengthens the ties of brotherhood and cooperation that exist between the two nations.

For his part, Ambassador Takagi said that this is an innovative and technological project that will bring new ways of planting and agricultural production in the fruit sector for the country. He said that one of the priorities of the Japanese government is to contribute with technological innovations and knowledge.

The Resident Representative of JICA, Takayuki Kondo, recounted the history of cooperation of the government of Japan with the Dominican Republic, with more than 2,400 Dominicans trained and more than 1,000 Japanese volunteers throughout the country, contributing to sustainable development.

The presentation of the project plan was given by Japanese consultant Kenji Nakamura, who explained that the ultimate goal is that the producers of La Culata can optimally produce the fruit and turn it into a specialty of the community.

The project will be implemented by DIA, with the support of the Government of Japan through JICA, with a duration of 3 years, in the community of La Culata, Constanza.

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