Dominican Republic seeks to increase mango exports

The Dominican Republic is on track to exceed more than nine million boxes of mangoes for export with about four kilograms each, equivalent to an increase to 32 million kilograms, and 30% more than last year, in shipments of the fruit to international markets.

This was expressed by authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Dominican Mango Cluster (Promango), who added that about 47% of shipments go to European Union markets, 28% to the United States and about 22% to the United Kingdom.

Mango production in the country

Limber Cruz, Minister of Agriculture, noted that the country produces more than 300 varieties, being the Keitt the most in demand in international markets, with 60% of shipments; the other 40% between Minimgolo varieties, banilejo, cream of gold and others, generating revenues of over 40 million dollars in exports, and projections are to reach 50 million this year.

Exportación De Mango RD“We must improve in international approvals, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications; increase in cultivation areas; mechanization and technification of production, maintain controls on pests, prepare for the effects of climate change, monitoring international markets, marketing, among other measures,” he said.

He said that the country has about 1,900 registered mango producers, more than 143 thousand planted tasks. There are 22 packing plants for export, six with hydrothermal treatment. The Dominican Republic has 1,333 producers certified to export to the United States and other markets.

The authorities of Agriculture and Promango invite the entire population to enjoy the Expo Mango 2024 Fair, from this Wednesday, May 29 until next Sunday, June 2, where they will be able to taste and consume a great variety of mangos, participate in talks, trainings, as well as other activities for the whole family; the same will be held in the small square of the City Hall of Baní, in the province of Peravia.

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