FRANCE: Campaign launched to attract investors to Dominican Republic

SANTO DOMINGO – With the support of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in France, the law firm Ulises Cabrera launched a multimedia series in Spanish and French on tax incentives in the Dominican Republic.

The series consists of four videos in Spanish and French highlighting the main incentives that facilitate foreign investment and development.

In the same, the French Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Rosa Hernández de Grullón, indicates that the Dominican Republic is the main recipient of foreign direct investment in the Caribbean.

Likewise, the lawyers Ulises Cabrera, José Cruz Campillo, Magdalena Almonte, Mónica Villafaña and Heiddy Moronta address the laws for the Promotion of Free Export Zones, the Promotion of Cinematographic Activity, the Promotion of Tourism Development for poles of scarce development and new poles in provinces and localities of great potential and the creation of the official fund for Tourism Promotion and Incentive to Renewable Energies and Special Regimes, respectively.

You can access the webcast by visiting Ulises Cabrera’s YouTube channel, under the same user name.

The Dominican Republic has a set of laws designed to encourage investment in sectors where there are good business opportunities for domestic and foreign investors. One of the ways in which the country encourages investment in certain areas of the economy or geographic regions is the granting of tax incentives. That is, the possibility of exempting the investor from the obligation to pay taxes to the State for all or part of the activities and benefits derived from the investment, in exchange for the creation of employment and the transfer of technology and know-how.

The most recent version of the Guide, updated to 2021, can be found on the Firm’s website, in Spanish, English and French.

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