Belgian Walloon Region seeks business partners in DR

An economic delegation from the Belgian region of Wallonia will visit the Dominican Republic from March 6 to 9 to seek new business partners in the health, logistics, digital and green technologies sectors, motivated by tax incentives, customs tax exemptions and other benefits offered by the country’s foreign investment policies.

The information was offered by the regional economic and commercial advisor of the Walloon Agency for Export and Foreign Investment (AWEX), Cindy Pellegrini, who explained that the “Walloon Economic Mission to the Dominican Republic 2023” is made up of world leading companies in their branches.

These are Transurb, Automatic Systems, Biotec International, Ecosteryl, Oncodna, linked to the sectors of health, transportation, logistics, green technologies, among others.

Pellegrini said the delegation will promote medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, green technologies, transportationRP del Congo Busca Socios Comerciantes and supply chain management, to help local companies optimize their efficiency and competitiveness.

The official agency’s advisor highlighted that “after twenty years since the last Walloon mission to the country, the challenges have changed and the needs of the markets have evolved, this new delegation is the opportunity to introduce academic and commercial knowledge to create synergies between the Dominican Republic and our region”.

Among the activities to be developed in the country are a day of sectoral workshops with the intervention of experts from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Dominican-Belgian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (BELCHAM-RD), the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (ASONAHORES), among other entities.

In addition, B2B meetings will be held with potential partners in Santo Domingo, and an official networking reception will be held with local decision makers and relevant contacts.

About AWEX

The Walloon Agency for Export and Foreign Investment (AWEX) is the institution in charge of developing and managing the economic relations of the Walloon region of Belgium with both the international and Walloon business community. Its mission is also to support companies from all countries to establish themselves on the European market through Belgium, and more specifically through Wallonia, the logistic and industrial center of Western Europe.


The Belgian-Dominican Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (BELCHAM-RD) is a non-profit organization founded in 1994 by Belgian and Dominican businessmen, with the aim of encouraging and strengthening commercial, cultural and diplomatic relations between the Dominican Republic and the Kingdom of Belgium. Today, BELCHAM-RD is one of the main bi-national European chambers of commerce in the country, and currently holds the Vice-Presidency of the Euro Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic.


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