Several retailers guarantee supply for Christmas holiday

Although the supply of raw materials that local industries buy abroad for food production is being delayed due to the international logistics crisis, businessmen assure that they have enough products to guarantee the supply for the Christmas holiday.

Mario Lama, president of the National Organization of Commercial Companies (ONEC), affirmed that although some products could have price increases as a consequence of increases in freight rates, which have risen by more than 100%, the country will not have shortages, neither of food nor of household appliances.

“The Dominican Republic is one of the few countries that has supplies, we are looking for alternative markets to supply ourselves”, assured the merchant.

He explained that the high freight costs have caused an increase that he estimates to be around 10 percent in some of the imported products.

He indicated that this value depends on the market in which the associates have placed orders or imported products or raw materials.

On his side, the president of the Dominican Federation of Traders (FDC), Iván García, affirmed that the small traders have imported products for the Christmas season from the United States and Chile to guarantee the supply during the holiday.

“The merchant called for consumers’ peace of mind that they will not have shortages,” said Ivan Garcia.


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The Dominican Republic Shippers Association has warned that the crisis that exists in the international supply chain will continue for at least another year.

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