The Board of Directors of the Korean-Dominican Chamber of Commerce

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs, Víctor Bisonó, relaunched the Korea-Dominican Republic Chamber of Commerce (DomChamDominican Republic) to articulate the private interest on which much of the bilateral relationship rests.

“The chamber will be a friend of the government to maintain the momentum that gives so much credibility to our foreign policy, ensuring that existing opportunities are taken advantage of and that the agendas that are formulated are executed, thus giving the support required to increase cooperation, trade and investment between our countries,” he said.He welcomed the government’s willingness to diversify exports, attracting new investments in free trade zones, as well as alternative energies in electricity and transportation, activities in which Korea is a reliable partner.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in the Dominican Republic, Inho Lee, expressed his desire for a prosperous exchange of Korean and Dominican companies, for which it will be essential to have greater interaction between current and future members of the Chamber” and thus increase trade and investment between the two countries.

Federico Cuello Camilo, Dominican Ambassador to Korea, highlighted Korea’s vision of relaunching its economy after the pandemic by executing a new pact that includes economic decarbonization, social digitalization, decentralization of development and strengthening safety nets.

Ambassador Cuello announced that in early November he will be organizing the first Dominican Week in Korea.

The Chamber’s Board of Directors is made up of: Avelino Rodríguez (president), Fernando Villanueva, Mario Lama, Javier Tejada, Tak Chang, KwangHoo Lee, Sang Min Choi, Amauris Vásquez (regular members) and Tamara Vásquez Sosa as Executive Director.


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