Abinader appoints commission to turn Cuevas del Pomier into the prehistoric capital of the country

The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, created a technical-scientific commission to direct the research work that will support the recognition of the Cuevas de Borbón or Pomier Anthropological Reserve, located in San Cristóbal, as the prehistoric capital of the Dominican Republic.

Through decree 705-21, issued this Monday, the President appointed several ministers for the development of these investigations, which will be headed by the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, together with the Minister of Tourism and the Minister of Culture.

The commission was created with the purpose of valuing the fauna and flora that the aborigines used as food, as well as the extinct species whose remains have been located in the area of the Cuevas de Borbón or Pomier.

This reserve has petroglyphs and pictographs that should be valued, in addition to the investigation of the connection of these with other Mesoamerican cultures.

The commission will also include Phil Lehman, from the DRSS Foundation (Dominican Republic Speleological Society); Manuel García Arévalo, from the García Arévalo Foundation; Clenis Tavarez María, anthropologist from the Museo del Hombre Dominicano; and Juan Almonte, paleontologist from the Museo de Historia Natural.


The Borbón or Pomier Caves, located in the Borbón section of San Cristóbal province, have more than 6,000 prehistoric paintings and approximately 500 cave engravings.

In addition to having tourist potential, the Cuevas de Borbón o del Pomier Anthropological Reserve constitutes an archeological and anthropological heritage, which is why it is of great interest for the study of the Amerindian groups that inhabited the Caribbean islands.

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