Aurora Cigar World, a tour full of knowledge

La Aurora Cigar World is currently the oldest cigar company in the Dominican market with a presence in more than sixty countries. It has an innovative concept that combines training and knowledge of the world of premium cigars, being punctual in its usual editions, launching them in a limited way and of exceptional quality.

The factory, which is located in the free zone of Tamboril, Santiago province, has a variety and different formats; of flavors, aromas and strengths, making it a very desirable cigar for the most demanding customers. Upon arrival you can enjoy a permanent and free exhibition to learn about the processes of tobacco, from the seed to its confession, expanding people’s knowledge.

The tour includes a showroom that explains all the processes of the cigar, regardless of the season; a museum that covers more than 110 years of the company and a tobacco ranch where you can learn about the history of tobacco from the Orinoco basin.

This tour lasts about an hour and you will experience a family atmosphere in every corner of the factory; the guides are highly experienced and, in addition to this, very charismatic.

Aurora Cigar World has a concept whose objective is to train authentic experts in Premium Cigars. Therefore, the Aurora Cigar World sees its strategy materialized in two fundamental pillars: La Aurora Cigar Institute and La Aurora Factory Tour.

It is a national emblem that began in 1903 and currently continues to grow with the issue of cigar exports in the international market, representing a heritage for the Dominican Republic.

We recall that a large part of the tobacco industry’s production is currently exported and represents a significant economic benefit. Last year alone, it represented more than 1.2 billion dollars, in addition to some 120,000 families who earn a living thanks to this activity.

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