Our people, their hospitality, the landscapes and Dominican delicacies

The pandemic, with its aftermath, led to the closure of economic activities and domestic tourism since mid-2020.

During the confinement, the memories of the beautiful landscapes of coasts, mountains, rivers, and the tasting of traditional dishes and sweets characteristic of the regions and provinces became the longing of the people. Nostalgia came.

It was then that the Acento team proposed, by means of non-scientific surveys, to ask the readers for their preferences about the diverse Dominican delicacies, the best beaches, the hospitality of our people, the taste for music and the skill in dancing popular rhythms.

The proposal made an impact. A respectful rivalry was evident between different peoples and regions.

From the cybernauts themselves we received suggestions for us to go a step further, writing reports on the options that obtained the highest percentages of public preference.

The journalistic works that we will deliver to our kind followers starting this Monday, August 30, are the result of these proposals.

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