Roky Mendoza, a Dominican dancer who shines on ice in Oslo

Figure Skating is one of the passions of this Dominican artist better known on social media as @TheRealRoky, who also carries a message of inclusion and acceptance through his platforms.

Roky Mendoza set off in new directions from his native Dominican Republic to excel as a professional dancer.

A press release indicates that with a background that includes classical ballet, modern dance, and folkloric dance, he embarked on a market as difficult and competitive as the Norwegian one, starting as a dance teacher in local schools in Oslo.

There he got to know the versatile world of figure skating, and started proposing in FreeStyle competitions at the “Spikersuppa Rink Ice”, and as fate would have it, his unique blue hair and dancing skills quickly led him to professional waters, and today he is part of the “Jar Isforum”, where he trains at a professional level.

“I started ice dancing as a hobby… being in a strange city where I was barely making my way, I would go to the park to relax and explore moves, but people were amazed by my display on the rink and the choreographies, so before I knew it I was already in competitions and excelling,” said Roky.

His dream is to compete outside Oslo in national and international meetings, so he works hard collaborating with teams and other ice artists, feeling very proud to be the only Dominican who is currently promoting himself in this field in this great city.

“It’s a long road, which takes a lot of effort… many times what happens with the Dominicans on this side of the world does not reach the ears of the people of our land, but I am confident that soon we will succeed,” Roky concluded.

Although his networks are relatively new, there Roky promotes inclusion and acceptance, since he himself had to overcome builling and cyber attack for his eating disorder, which affected his physical appearance.

That is why his transformations in social networks, which are like an “alter ego” that wants to make it clear that in our differences is the true beauty.

It is reported that this has also led him to international competitions in the United States, becoming a promoter of equality for many who, like him, did not find it easy to achieve enough confidence to succeed.


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