San Cristóbal, a destination full of culture and charm

If you are looking for an alternative close to the city and that meets all your requirements, this town, located in the southern part of the country may be an option for you. There you will find the perfect place to disconnect and take a break.

It is no secret that San Cristóbal represents a tourist destination with a diversified offer, from its gastronomy, culture and beaches, thus allowing an important source of income for those who live in the area.

For lovers of religious tourism, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Consolation is a temple with unique architectural features inaugurated in 1949; it was an initiative of the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo who intended with its construction to have a sacred place for him and his family.

This majestic work is also known as Parroquia San Cristobal and is one of the most important temples in the country. It has a Renaissance style and is a mixture of architectural elements and ornamental details. Designed in the form of a cross, and on its exterior three towers can be observed: two frontal and one lateral.

Palenque Beach is also a tourist attraction that is part of the province. It is ideal to refresh yourself in its turquoise blue crystalline waters and added to this you will be able to experience and witness exquisite landscapes surrounded by palm trees.

Another option for those who want to enjoy a good experience is Najayo beach, located on this Caribbean coast. Its gray sand covered with small rocks, makes it a little different; it is perfect for those seeking peace and tranquility for the scenic beauty it offers.

Other activities

Los Reyitos

For the adventurous, Los Reyitos is a haven of peace and natural beauty, located in Los Mineros. It is a spectacular stream with three small waterfalls, considered an ecotourism treasure and definitely worth every minute you stay there.

La Taina

It is a beautiful waterfall of 28 meters, facing an interesting pool, which is surrounded by high, rocky walls on both sides. Undoubtedly all these features make it one of the most beautiful jewels of this province.


It is a place that cannot be described with words. Its magic and imposing beauty will leave you captivated. Its name is coined because in the last puddle there is a stone suspended between two others and a beautiful waterfall.

Bella Vista Bar Restaurant

To close with a flourish, a culinary experience that you cannot miss is a visit to the Bella Vista ecotourism bar-restaurant, located in a very particular place near the Valdesia Dam, pioneers in implementing various tourist activities.

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