The biggest merengue event of the year

For days now, through social networks; businessman Luis Medrano has been referring to the Super Mega Ultra Ultra Merengazo that will take place on Sunday, August 28; as a way to close the summer with merengue. This is the only live event dedicated solely to the musical genre that defines Dominicans.

Likewise, the event has been held in various parts of the country, with the support of the most important brands, the Ministries of Tourism and Culture and other government agencies. Hopefully this time it will have more support than ever, because the national music genre needs it.

According to Luis Medrano, the authorities of Jarabacoa want the Super Mega Ultra Merengazo to be held in their park La Confluencia, which will be held in several locations on Sunday, August 28.

“Mayor Yúnior Torres, Senator Ramon Rogelio Genao, the president of the chapter house Yikania Pichardo and all the aldermen; the president of the development committee of Jarabacoa José Tejeda, the members of the patronage of La Confluencia park; say that it would be a great happiness to receive in the amphitheater with the constellation of stars that carries the Super Mega Ultra Merengazo; of summer 2022”; said Medrano.


The cities on the agenda of the organizers for the 25th installment of the successful summer concert the Super Mega Ultra Merengazo; which brings together the most important merengue stars are the Puerto Plata amphitheater, Macao Beach in Bávaro (Punta Cana); and the new and wonderful tourist entertainment center of La Confluencia Park, in Jarabacoa.

According to the prominent businessman, “the musical show is scheduled to last 10 hours and will have a production of the highest level. We have already confirmed the first 10 mega stars and it is shaping up to be the most impressive merengue event of this decade”, he assured.

“We are talking about great idols who write the most important pages of the national rhythm. They will summon the always sure support of the people to dance, sing, and get excited.”


The constellation of stars at the top of the first list of participants are: Fernando Villalona, Milly Quezada, Los Hermanos Rosario, Sergio Vargas; Eddy Herrera, Miriam Cruz, Johnny Ventura’s Legado with Jandy Ventura, Ramon Orlando, Bonny Cepeda and Jossie Esteban.

The entertainment company Emporio Luis Medrano will meet with the authorities of Jarabacoa to evaluate and eventually accept their scenario; that Jarabacoa be the host city of the Super Mega Ultra Merengazo of the summer.

The private sector companies and the central government are already focusing on presenting the costly event that generates more than 800 indirect jobs, benefits tourism, restaurants, moves the economy of the city and generates taxes for the state through the sales of mass consumption products.

The experienced producer of massive concerts Luis Medrano is the creator of this platform and other very successful ones, the telephone numbers for information about this festival are 8092270103, WhatsApp 8098495818 and email [email protected].

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