The Crafts Cluster of the Dominican Republic was formed

The Crafts Cluster of the Dominican Republic (CLARD) was created with the objective of promoting initiatives that contribute to the sustainable development and competitiveness of the productive chain of the artisan sector.

The project is part of the actions of the expanded strategy to improve the private-private binational dialogue, improve the competitiveness of Haitian and Dominican companies, as well as the consolidation of institutional cooperation between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The Cluster seeks to position innovative and quality handicraft products in local, regional and international markets, transmitting through the country’s cultural and artistic values.

It will also work to improve the competitiveness of the handicrafts value chain that was created by Caribbean Export as part of the Binational Program. In particular, special attention will be given to SMEs through inter-company cooperation and public-private collaboration, for which it provides added value to its associates in the areas of innovation, internationalization, talent and sustainability.

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Traditional souvenirs in a tourists shop in Dominican Republic

CLARD is constituted as a private, non-profit, independent, autonomous, inclusive and common utility entity. At the time of its incorporation it has the following subsectors: jewelry, fashion, accessories, textiles, decoration, home, wood and recycling.

The Cluster will be chaired by Antonio Ramos, current executive vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santo Domingo. The vice-presidency will be held by Carla Quiñones, a Dominican architect specializing in urban design.

Jorge Caridad, an outstanding artisan and current president of the Museo Mundo del Ámbar, was appointed treasurer.

The rest of the board is made up of: Claudina Sandoval, Secretary; Mariano Frontera, Elba Espinal, Giselle Mancebo, Fátima Polanco, Ramón Quezada, Ada Lora and Norkelly Acosta, as members of the Cluster’s board of directors.

The new initiative is supported by the European Union through the Trade and Private Sector Support Component of the Haiti-Dominican Republic Binational Cooperation Program, which is implemented by Caribbean Export within the framework of the 11th European Development Fund (EDF).

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