Delay clock

By Bloomming

Delay is kind of a weird name for a clock, but also a contradiction that represents very well the fabulous look of this creation.
Edited by the Dutch studio “Bloomming” and realized by Bas Van Leeuwen, “Delay” is entirely made of stainless steel.

Conceived for not conventional persons and interiors, “Delay” is a sort of amalgam betw

een mechanic and art, antiquity and modernity.
It counts the times that flies with its mysterious tinkling and its extravagant look.

Each cogwheel represents a unity: seconds, minutes and hours, and the hours are indicated by the union point between them Ingenious wild, unique, the adjectives are numerous to describe this clock that can go unnoticed !


Clock Delay BloommingClock Delay BloommingClock Delay Bloomming


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