Nature arrives in our interiors

Based on the same idea as the concept Wall Planter published on www.las-terrenas-live.com, Thibault de Breyne and Philippe Tisserand created “Flowerbox,” an idea which will make the greenery come back in your interiors !

A box of plants with a surprising and very nice design to hang nature to your walls…

The concept is so simple and so intelligent: it’s a kind of carton with holes on its surface where cups equipped with mini-plants come to fit.

Flowers, plants fatty, green, trees, shrubs… Boxes of various colors, ceramics…

The plants are selected for their scarcity, their originality and their resistance. The plants “flowerbox” are re-potted in the sphagnum, a substrate rich in minerals, and with astonishing water holding capacities.

Watering with the provided pipette is easy and non constraining thing to do, once per week maximum.

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