Kasch bathtubs

Bathtubs to the floor level

Between Jacuzzi and bathtubs, the German name Kasch launches these creations that are part of the “Overflow” line.

The bathtubs are incrusted in the floor, so its water is at the same level of this one. The result is a relaxing sensation in the nest of the earth in the middle of your universe, your bathroom.

And no matter which is the style of the room, it’s very nice: it works with a natural style, with parquet and pebbles, and with a more sober and classical ambiance.
As for the shapes of the bathtubs, they can be round, square or rectangular.

Kasch bathtubs Kasch bathtubs

Wonderful bathtubs that could be used in the living-rooms too, as a Jacuzzi.

Bathtubs Kasch

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