Out Of The Ordinary And Colorful Christmas Trees

For a different Christmas

Christmas emblem, the tree is an almost universal symbol that reflects the magic of this December night.
And when ones like decoration, it’s a nice way to let your creativity flow.

So, even if nothing will replace the traditional green tree, there is a selection of trees that are out of the ordinary.

First, there are the trees with wonderful colors as silver, blue and light blue, for an iced magical ambiance.

If you prefer the sober originality, the chocolate, black and burgundy colors are available. The pink, mauve, violet and red trees will cause a great sensation and guarantee you to have the most modern pop Christmas ever !

And if the color change is not enough, there are some trees even more originals:

  • The Mille-feuilles by Maud Vantours that won the prize of the Fashion Christmas Tree, made with overlaid sheets.
  • A turned over tree, simple and well done.
  • And the aluminum trees proposed by BoConcept that will reflect all the Christmas shine.
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