Rainshine By Robert M. Cain

Ecological home

In a world where the environment protection plays a leading role, the ecological homes seems to represent the future of houses.

Robert M.CainAmerican architect, created RaineShine, a house that has extraordinary characteristics.

Located in Georgia, in south of United States, this house has really big window glass surfaces, in order to use as much as possible the natural light.

Its nice roof with butterfly shape is equipped with a device that collects rain water. The solar panels are there to generate electricity thanks to the sun.

This means that no matter if it’s raining or making sun, the Rainshine home never stop working for the planet.

Inside, the space is optimized as much as possible, with intelligent storage spaces and amenities.

All these qualities enabled the house to receive the prestigious award latinum LEED of the US Green Building Council.

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