Silence Clock Alarm

A different way to wake up

One of the worst moments of the day, (and we have to pass through it every day) is the waking up in the morning.
And, more precisely, the sound of the alarm clock that get us out of a nice and deep sleep.

The designer Johan Branges proposes an alternative to us: the silent alarm clock.
Don’t delude yourself, you will still have to wake up to go to work or to school, but this time, waking up will be stimulated by vibrations and not by sound.

Made by a ring you put on your hand or foot finger, this clock, connected to a wireless system, doesn’t produce any sound and vibrates when it’s time to get up. You just have to shake the hand to activate the snooze option.

Because if you are thinking the Silence Alarm Clock was going to let you sleep, you are wrong: you’ll have to shake your hand more and more to be able to stop it, every time you put it to snooze !


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