Square Root

Haute Culture Collection

Don’t worry, we will not talk about fashion or mathematical in the design section, but as always about a decorative and original object.

In these times when the entire world feels it’s necessary to get closer to Mother Nature, the brand Square Root (originally Racine Carrée in French) offers us nice colored flowerpots in which small squares of grass grow.

The very design objects are part of the collections Prêt-à-Pousser (Ready-to-Grow) and Haute Culture (High Culture) and enable to combine contemporaneous decoration with vital impulse towards nature.

Clever and nice, these flowerpots enable everyone to have some green space at home, since the maintenance of this plot of grass is very simple, and do not request any measurement or prior preparation.

The secret is and exclusive hydro-retention and fertilizing solution that reduces the provision of water and nutriments of at least 50% to make your life easier.

Good work Racine Carrée !

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