5 secrets of La Romana, a must-see in the Dominican Republic

La Romana is one of the most popular Dominican destinations in the country due to the great number of options it offers. Paradisiacal white-sand beaches, natural beauty and all kinds of leisure and entertainment are part of its appeal. Located 80 kilometers from Punta Cana and 112 kilometers from Santo Domingo, the Dominican capital, it is a perfect spot to explore the southeast of the Dominican Republic. It also offers a wide variety of possibilities for families, couples or groups of friends, which they can enjoy thanks to this all-inclusive Flowo trip.

In this zone grows the Bayahibe rose, a pink cactus that was recognized as the national flower of the country and that appears on the Dominican banknotes. These are all the secrets that you will be able to discover if you visit it:

Altos de Chavón, a Mediterranean city in the Dominican Republic.

Known as the “city of artists”, this charming place, located on a hill, recreates an ancient Mediterranean village. Altos de Chavón has become a Dominican cultural center where you can visit museums, attend a concert in its imposing amphitheater, shop in numerous stores and taste the local gastronomy in its restaurants.

From here you can see the Chavón River, one of the largest in the Dominican Republic. It is possible to tour it in an entertaining cruise.

Cueva de las Maravillas (Cave of Wonders), Taino legacy

This impressive subway cave was discovered in 1926, although it has more than 100,000 years of history. Natural treasure, but also cultural, its walls show pictographs and petroglyphs, the wonderful mark of the Taino Indians. Of its approximately 800 meters in length, 250 are open to visitors, who can walk through galleries and tunnels in 45 minutes.

Saona Island, sea turtle refuge

With 25 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide, known as Adamanay by the Tainos, it is one of the largest islands in the country. Christopher Columbus reached this island at the end of 1494, during his second voyage. Isla Saona, part of the Parque Nacional del Este, stands out for its captivating coral formations, virgin beaches, extensive mangroves and for being a very important turtle nesting site for the country.

It is a refuge with a high ecological value. We recommend visiting the charming fishing village of Mano Juan, with colorful wooden houses, as well as the flamingo lagoon.

Boca de Yuma, a very local town

Located northeast of the Parque Nacional del Este, this small town is ideal for experiencing local life and tasting Dominican cuisine in one of the seafood restaurants along the promenade.

Higüey and its history

Another of La Romana’s towns is Higüey. With a great history behind it, we recommend visiting the Romanesque Basilica of Altagracia and the church of San Dionisio, one of the oldest in the American continent.

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