Cayo Levantado; a paradise nestled in the Bay of Samana

There is no doubt that the province of Samaná has incredible natural attractions, and one of them is Cayo Levantado, also known as Bacardi Island. This small but picturesque one-kilometer-long plateau is located in the northeastern part of Samaná Bay and is considered one of the most coveted destinations for tourists from all over the world.

And no wonder, the reasons are many, because in addition to its rainforest vegetation, the friendly treatment of its people and its rich gastronomy, along this piece of land are distinguished, Playa Grande and Playa Honda, two beautiful beaches of fine white sand, crystal clear waters and a landscape of film, features that make it the perfect place to enjoy the Caribbean.

Another must-see attraction of Cayo Levantado is whale watching, which, between January and March, come to the area to mate, so if you visit the place at this time, you may enjoy the courtship of these majestic animals, one of the most impressive spectacles of nature.

How to get there?
The journey to the key is approximately five kilometers. It can only be traveled by sea transport and takes between 10 to 15 minutes from the port of Santa Barbara, where you will find small boats that offer their services from 7 in the morning to 8 at night.

Once you arrive at the key, you will be able to enjoy the multiple attractions it has, since in this paradisiacal destination you can enjoy the goodness of the sea, the beach and the palm trees as well as the joy and kindness of the islanders.

Thanks to its small size, Cayo Levantado also offers the possibility of touring the entire area, so that visitors can immerse themselves in its forests and be surrounded by the purity of its nature, while walking the trails that run through a rainforest that keeps the essence of the tropics, and that serves as a refuge for different birds of this region of the world.

In addition, according to the experiences of those who have visited this enclave is not only ideal for enjoying a day in the sun, but it is also perfect for kayaking, paddle boarding or snorkeling, so that Cayo Levantado is undoubtedly a destination to visit.

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