Cibao Atlántico, a paradise to be discovered from Puerto Plata to Montecristi

For a large part of the general population of the Dominican Republic, the name Cibao Atlántico is something that, although it exists as a territory within the national conglomerate, until recently was abstract.

However, for tourism entrepreneur, Danilo Rafael Guzman (Danilito), this is a geographical designation that extends from the municipality of Luperon, west of Puerto Plata, to Montecristi.

“This area is endowed with a natural beauty unrivaled in the world, is composed of mountains and hills of all kinds; beaches so beautiful and docile that stimulate the desire to dream and enjoy,” said Guzman, who is part of an important business group that enthusiastically work in the promotion and implementation of important project for the area.

It is a place where nature is perfect and every day feels like a vacation as evidenced by Christopher Columbus who established the first European settlement on its lands, because it has attractions that have nothing to envy to other tourist areas not only in the country but also in other latitudes of the world.

“The area has a unique history in America, it has the Historic Isabela with its beautiful and exotic beaches, and cliffs like no other in the country, this was the first community established by Columbus during his second voyage to the new continent of the Americas in 1493,” said Danilito.

Historic Isabela has a museum and a national park that has all the firsts of the continent, as well as the most beautiful beaches in the country including its iconic tourist destination, FricoLandia.

Other attractions of the Cibao Atlántico

Playa La Ensenada and Punta Rucia, with its natural turquoise waters with light waves and reliable depths for the whole family, which in the country there are no other places so natural and organic.

Also the Buen Hombre in Villa Vasquez Montecristi, with winds up to 35 knots at the foot of the mountain range and multicolored waters, and just 15 minutes from the aforementioned place, is Cayo Arena, a phenomenon of nature waiting for every Dominican.

“It is over that the cibaeño has to cross the island 6 hours driving to enjoy a type of tourism first in the world, with exotic beaches, mountains, rivers, history, archeology, because all people who wish to enjoy these immense attractions, no longer have to last a day, no longer have to last almost a full day on the road, to go to the East, for example, now both the middle and upper class can have their villas or apartments in this beautiful area called Cibao Atlántico, just a little over an hour from Santiago, and two hours from the capital,” said Guzmán.


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