Cuevas de las Maravillas, a subway spectacle

Nestled between the Soco and Cumayasa rivers, near the place known as Boca del Soco, on the road to San Pedro de Macoris, is the Cave of Wonders, a subway tourist attraction visited daily by hundreds of local and foreign tourists.

This cave is 800 meters long with some labyrinths, in which 240 meters can be explored, which for many is a unique, magical and educational spectacle.

This cave is currently one of the most accessible in the Dominican Republic, thanks to its excellent location, lighting, ramps and path. There, strolling through the impressive displays of rock art, stalagmites and stalactites is an exquisite experience.

Certainly, this cave lives up to its name, as a true wonder.

It houses three different species of bats, which represents the most predominant fauna inside the cave.

Another spectacle is to be inside observing and contemplating the incredible rock formations produced over millions of years by the accumulation of minerals diluted in water.

Other activities

The excursion also includes guided rides on horses in a space with a countryside flavor, where you can enjoy and fully connect with nature and get to know the passionate world with these adorable little animals.

A new attraction that adds to this experience is the Labyrinth, stimulating even more locals and foreigners to come and live this adventure. This space has a design inspired by the ancient labyrinths of Ireland and Scotland.

It has a dimension of 60×60, in an area of 3,600 square meters, an extension that makes it one of the largest in America. The tour lasts at least half an hour and to make it even more interesting, there may be obstacles on the way out, but don’t worry, because there is a staff of guides in case visitors need help.

Other attractions offered by the wonderful cavern are: the Pictographic Gallery, the Water Mirror, which consists of an artificial lake that is reflected like a mirror at the top of the cave; the Igunario and The Great Panel, in the latter you can see a cave painting created by the Tainos.

Come on, go and enjoy this spectacle considered one of the greatest natural attractions of this region of the Dominican Republic where new knowledge, delight and fun will be the main protagonists.

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