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The Dominican Republic is in fashion, “I don’t know how you can think of leaving this land, the Dominican Republic has everything”, were the words of July Çakmak, a young Turkish woman who was vacationing for the fourth time in Punta Cana, La Altagracia province, in broken Spanish due to her poor command of the language.

It makes sense that Cakmak is a recurrent visitor to Punta Cana, due to the warmth of its climate, the blue of its beaches and the hospitality of its people, especially those who dedicate themselves body and soul to hotel service, as is the case of Deybi Tavárez.

Deybi is a young man of 25 years old who took the task of explaining with his experiences to reporters of Listín Diario why the employees of the hotel chains have a service of such an acclaimed quality.

According to what was narrated by Tavárez, who is a waiter in two hotels of that Dominican tourist zone, it is a tradition that since young children in the east of the country begin to study English with the intrinsic dream of working in a resort, and once they achieve it, it is visualized as a realized dream that leads them to offer the tourist the best of the treatment.

“What can I tell you, here one grows up dreaming of serving tourists, of speaking English with them. Here, from the age of 4, children are already saying things in English, because we grow up with the mentality of giving our hearts to tourism,” said Deybi.

“And it has worked out well for them,” said Valeria Carmona, a Colombian, who interrupted the conversation with Deybi and took the opportunity to reinforce what the young waiter was explaining to this newspaper.

“I feel like in my land, among yourselves you have no idea of the jewel of people that the Dominican is and I tell you the truth, you are fashionable,” she added while enjoying the coastal landscape with her husband and children.

That last sentence of Valeria seems to be an irrefutable reality that goes along with the testimonies collected that became evidence that everywhere in the world people talk about the Dominican Republic, and not only about its waters, sun and beach, but also about the humane treatment of those who offer services.

“You can’t imagine the tourists that show up here, people from countries that one had never heard of, this country is talked about all over the world, take it from me,” confessed Nelson Santana, another employee of a resort in Punta Cana.


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