Ecotourism guide of Constanza

Ecotourism guide to Constanza: 4 destinations, attractions and lodgings

If you love ecotourism, Constanza is a destination you will love. This municipality, considered the enchanted valley of the Caribbean, is located in La Vega province, in the center of the Dominican Republic.

With beautiful rivers, rich food, impressive mountains, magical accommodations and the best climate in the country and the Caribbean (between 0 and 19 degrees Celsius), this place already has its first ecotourism guide that details its main attractions for both Dominicans and foreigners.

Below, we will describe four of the most impressive destinations highlighted in the document produced by the Ecotourism Cluster of Constanza (@clusterecoturistico) and Grupo Sarma (@gruposarma).Construccion de Constanza

1. Valle Nuevo Park

Among its most emblematic destinations is the Valle Nuevo National Park, a plateau with elevations that reaches its highest altitude at 2,200 meters above sea level, in the bowels of the Central Cordillera located between the provinces of La Vega, Monseñor Noel, Azua and San José de Ocoa.

This destination is known for its thick fog and low temperatures that can reach an annual average of 9.0 degrees Celsius and who winter can drop to -5 degrees Celsius.

This destination has a high ecotourism potential for hosting places like the Salto de Aguas Blancas, Las Pirámides and the Caamaño Monument, in addition to a unique biodiversity in the region.

2. The pyramids of Valle Nuevo

This famous construction is located in Valle Nuevo National Park, specifically in Sabana de los Frailes, in an area called La Nevera. The pyramids were designed by architect Julio Hernandez and built by Spanish craftsmen in a cyclopean shape from polyhedral stones divided into four identical sections.

This experience is one that you should not leave out on your next visit to Constanza, ideal for those who enjoy camping outdoors under pleasant temperatures that normally range between 14 and 16 degrees Celsius during the day and can drop to 0 degrees Celsius at night, depending on the season you visit, so it is recommended to go well prepared.

The pyramids are considered the geographical center of the Dominican Republic. They were built in honor of the dictator Rafael Trujillo, for being the one who managed the construction of the road between the municipalities of San José de Ocoa and Constanza in 1958.

Note: You must bring your food, be well wrapped and you must pay a symbolic entrance fee.

3. Aguas Blancas Waterfall

This waterfall is 16 km from the city, has been listed as one of the highest in the Caribbean, with a fall of about 83 meters to form a large pool of cold water jade colored in an environment of dense vegetation, covered with tall pines and trees of Green Ebony.

The trip is approximately 10 km to the waterfall, it is ideal for adventurers. It is recommended to visit them in 4×4 vehicles. And the experience includes walking an ecological trail 700 m long in which you can observe more than 40 species of birds 13 of these are endemic.

4. The Enchanted Valley

This place is located within the perimeter of Valle Nuevo in the Juan Bautista Perez National Park. This is the only alpine ecosystem in the Caribbean, with temperatures that can drop to -5 degrees Celsius. This landscape is characterized by its pine forests, the emblematic pajón and a great variety of endemic species of flora and fauna.

Adventures you can experience in Constanza

This municipality offers its visitors diverse sports and adventure activities ranging from the simplest and simplest to the most extreme and risky among these are:

Taking to the skies: this activity consists of gliding from a high point and descending in a controlled manner accompanied by a pilot specialized in paragliding or paramotor flight, the difference between one and the other consists in the support of an external engine that occurs in the latter and guarantees more relaxed flights on days with little wind.
Montanbike: this municipality has been considered the capital of the montanbaik for the great amount of cycling activities that take place there.

Horseback riding in the valley: another activity that can be done is horseback riding in the valley of Constanza and enjoy the scenery, smells and colors of its mountains and plains.

Adventures on wheels: to make routes with Four Wheels, buggies or Jeep safari are some of the activities on wheels that can be done in Constanza. There are usually companies that make these excursions and have established routes that can be enjoyed with friends, couples or family to get to know the city or discover the charm of the mountains.

Hiking in Constanza: This city has routes to walk and know its landscapes, from trails in its protected areas, mountains; crossing rivers, streams, forests, valleys and a lot of unique attractions that allow you to breathe fresh air.

Currently there are more than twenty trails that can be traveled.
Rappel in Constanza: to explore new places, this extreme sport is an adventure, possible when visiting Aguas Blancas. There, you will descend with expert guides who will give you directions to the place.


Constanza offers a wide range of lodging options. These range from independent rooms in the center of town to cabins and villas located on the slopes of its majestic mountains.

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