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With the heat waves that the Dominican Republic is suffering, you have the perfect excuse to take a getaway and make the most of three magical places. Many people are looking for alternatives to cool off, so we recommend some rivers and spas that you can visit with your family while keeping your distance and taking precautionary measures.

The Jimenoa waterfall is a waterfall that is within the municipality of Jarabacoa, a few kilometers from La Vega, and is one of the highest in the Dominican Republic, reaching a height of 35 meters.

Jimenoa Waterfall – Jaracaboa
This waterfall shows national and foreign tourists one of the most beautiful views that nature can offer in the Dominican Republic. There you can appreciate an aquatic vegetation, which constitutes a unique and spectacular show.

Another place where you should go is La Confluencia, only ten minutes from downtown Jarabacoa, where two of the rivers of the area, the Jimenoa and the Yaque del Norte, join and create small pools between the rocks. The spa-like bubbling areas allow groups of friends or family to relax in a circle.

The name La Confluencia was given because it is the area where the Yaque del Norte and Jimenoa rivers meet; they bathe the city from the east and west. This beach resort is one of the attractions on weekends; locals and visitors converge here.

La Confluencia – Jarabacoa
We also have the charming Baiguate waterfall, a beautiful waterfall located in a beautiful canyon. This is a wonderful place where you can spend a totally relaxing day. An interesting fact is that this waterfall is named after the river that forms it, the Baiguate River.

Close your eyes, jump and feel the soft breeze all over your body, take advantage and dream in these spaces, release your sorrows and just live. Finally, to fall into a refreshing explosion of crystalline water and dive into the depths and come to the surface is to return to the sublime world with elevated experiences.

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