Jarabacoa offers fun in the air, water and land

Not only in the real estate area is the impact of the growth that Jarabacoa is having today, but this is also generating a greater movement in the entertainment offerings that are by land, air and water. Activities such as four wheel rides, horseback riding, rafting and paragliding are being generated here, which are having better and better results as the number of visitors to the different areas of the municipality increases.

Fabio Herrera established a four-wheel excursion business a year ago, and talks about how favorable the increase in visitors has been, which has allowed him to grow and generate jobs with the acquisition of more motorcycles and the sale of accessories. As for the noise that many complain about, Herrera explains that there will always be inconveniences, especially because Jarabacoa used to be a very quiet area where small things were done, but when a big movement is made, the change will be felt.

He is aware that where the engines pass the noise and the dust they raise bother nearby residents, so among the other groups involved in the business, about five, are meeting with people to listen to them and find ways to cause as little noise as possible. “I understand that it affects them, but what are we going to do, are we going to stay small all the time? We have to grow,” says Herrera, noting that his vehicles are quiet and pose little risk to customers.

On horseback
Another business is that of horses in La Confluencia park, where a group of 25 young people have organized themselves to share the visitors without the need for competition to get to the client first. These young people have around one hundred horses on site, ready to ride clients along one of the three established routes that run through different areas of the municipality, according to Estarlin de la Cruz, who has been doing this activity in the same place for 25 years.

Among the mountains
As aquifer attractions are the cold waters of the Yaque and Jimenoa rivers, which although they are born in different points, join to become one in the place called La Confluencia, just where President Luis Abinader inaugurated a park three months ago. There are also the Jimenoa and Baiguate waterfalls, which are visited by tourists from all over the world who make the journey through the mountains. In the latter, the water sport of rafting is practiced. And for those who want to get their adrenaline pumping, there is paragliding, an adventure through the air from the top of the mountain, which is also part of the tourist attractions.

These activities are generating a greater dynamism in the local economy, as well as the creation of jobs. The president of the Cardenal Sancha neighborhood council, Zoila Carmona, emphasizes that tourism has been beneficial for the town because of the contributions it produces, and notes that visitors express that they feel welcome in Jarabacoa because of the treatment they receive from its people.

She says that the tourists also take the opportunity to visit the nearby religious temples and to learn about the gastronomy offered by the different restaurants and informal establishments.

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