Long weekend: six places to unwind

Where are you going to disconnect for the long weekend? Change of air, sleep in a different bed, eat a different meal, watch the sunrise or sunset from another place… these are sensations that disconnect us from the monotony of everyday life and allow us to relate to ourselves and our loved ones.

On the occasion of the fact that next weekend in the Dominican Republic two holidays come together to make a super long weekend, adrenaline lover Keila Rodríguez (@theadrenalinetraveler) shares with Diario Libre a list of places where you can go alone, with your partner, with friends or with your family and disconnect from the noise, the smells and the view of the city; or enjoy a cozy atmosphere where the most important being is you.

It is not a myth that going to a cottage in the countryside, drinking coffee, eating delicious food, talking to a grandmother, walking barefoot on the ground, feeling the air and meditating combat any stress, renew and strengthen the spirit and energy. Here are some places that will transport you to another reality:

1. Casa Paraíso in Las Galeras Samaná.

This place, according to the adventurer, is a true paradise on earth. With memorable rooms where you can notice the attention to every detail and with all the freedom and space to enjoy nature.

@casaelparaisord is located in La Guazuma in Las Galeras, Samaná. You can arrive in any type of vehicle, the house is on a hill and for that reason does not have a beach, but nearby are Las Galeras and Rincón beaches, among others.

“The cost varies by room and season. To see prices, availability and book you must enter the Airbnb application, there put in the address Las Galeras and you will get many options, the ones that say “Casa el paraíso” are the rooms available in the house, do not despair, look for them, they are there, “says Keila.

Among the attractions of the place you can enjoy one of the best views you will ever have in your life, either from the room or from the pool and dining area. Another plus of this beautiful place is that it allows you to disconnect, enjoy a nice swim in the pool or have a good time talking with whoever you have decided to share the trip. This house only accepts adults.

2. Campito Loving in Higüey

“Literally, if you want that feeling of home in the countryside, including the special seasoning in the food, this is your place. Mega plus bonus: listen to Doña Mechy’s stories,” says the adventurer.

@campitoloving is located in Higüey. It is a house that offers several rooms to the public. During her visit, Keila chose the room called “Family Matters”. As she explains, it does not have air conditioning and is located in the old part of the house. The cost she paid for the night was $160 for two adults and two children and included breakfast.

“In the room there is always light, hot water and everything is very comfortable, there are two options of rooms with air and TV,” he explained.

There is a swimming pool, many green areas, several terraces and charming little corners for relaxation and recreation. There are books to read, a space with board games for the children, many laughing dogs, but, above all, there is a lot of tranquility, even the music played at night for dinner gives peace.

However, Keila assures that what makes this place special is its past and present. Thanks to Doña Mechy and her husband you will feel part of the place, listening to them talk about the history of the house is like taking a history class with ‘cocaleca y refreco’.

When talking about the food, it’s like feeling that your mom prepares it (of course, if your mom cooks good food), every dish has that touch of home, love and good food. In conclusion, Keila recommends this place if you are looking for a space for a retreat or to be more integrated with your loved ones.

3. El Valle Lodge in Samana

“I will always fall short with the attributes of my dear Caro, hostess of @elvallelodge. In the middle of many trees are the most beautiful and cozy ecological cottages and, well, Caro’s food is something else,” says Keila.

This place has 9 rooms at a price of US$150 per night per room (2 people). There are several types of rooms, each with something special that distinguishes it. Breakfast is included in the rate. By visiting this place you will be immersed in nature without losing the usual comfort and experiencing a special and homely service.

For the adventurer, one of the best things you will enjoy in this beautiful place is the food since, apart from making you feel at home, Caro makes sure to feed you with dishes that you like, but with her personal touch. Also, the ambiance of the lodge is a perfect balance between calm and freedom.

A few minutes walk away, you will reach El Valle Beach. Another benefit of visiting this place is that the hosts are in charge of preparing tours around the area. And if you need to be communicated, they have wifi, hot water and the beds are super comfortable.

4. Eco River House in the canyon of the Chavón River, La Altagracia

This place is an eco-glamping with a unique magic. If you are looking to disappear, get away, feel the calm, tranquility and magic of nature we invite you to visit this space.

In a post on her Instagram account, Keila assured that this place is very special and you feel that way from the moment you arrive. “I would like it to stay like this pa’ forever and that those who decide to go understand, from before arriving, that it is a place full of magic.”

@ecoriverhouse is a house that its owners have opened to offer the public an unparalleled experience of disconnection. “It was 24 hours of immersion in nature, total and literal disconnection, good conversations, good music, excellent food, loving and heartfelt service”, shared Keila.

5. Platón Ecolodge in Barahona

This place is the perfect combo of a perfect place to disconnect. When describing the space Keila explains that it is a magical fairytale village in the middle of a jungle.

This is not a place to “get to know Barahona”. When you decide to stay at @platonecolodgedged you should do it with the objective of enjoying it: first because there is no need to go out and second because it is far from town and deep in the mountains.

But in this place you can go to bed with the sound of a waterfall and wake up whenever the spirit wants because there really is absolutely nothing that will interrupt that rich and deep sleep.

“What surprised me the most is that you live all this in a totally comfortable, clean environment, with first class attention and a wide and delicious gastronomic offer. The climate is cool in itself, but the rooms are air-conditioned, you bathe in hot water and snuggle up at night in delicious beds. A magical lodging!

In this hotel there are several types of rooms, which are divided into areas within the entire complex. Each area has its own terrace, patio and pool.

For those who are not so green, Plato has a good dose of nature without “sacrificing” what many call comfort.

6. Alto Cerro Hotel in Constanza

This is the kind of place that is worth visiting just for staying there, as travel influencer Keila Rodríguez describes it. “I wanted to go back to Constanza and simply enjoy more of this beautiful, well-kept and well-used Alto Cerro property.

This hotel has different types of rooms including an apartment type, very suitable for families. It has a kitchen, dining room, living room, balcony, two bedrooms, one bathroom. Super clean and comfortable.

The cost for lodging includes a rich breakfast, but you have access to a restaurant with a wide menu where you can have lunch, dinner and ask to have it delivered to your room.

The @hotelaltocerro has a green area in the back, huge, open, with courts, swings, zipline, game tables, horses, camping areas … “It was for us the most special thing about staying here, and it is precisely because of this area that we want to stay again and not leave there,” said Keila.

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