Malecón Santo Domingo picturesque attraction in the DR

The Dominican Republic is a very special country, as is its capital, Santo Domingo.

When you arrive as a tourist to the tropical nation, you naturally think about what to see, what destinations to visit, what to see in its main city.

Join me on this journey and you will discover one of the top-rated destinations for travelers.

Both Dominicans and visitors from abroad appreciate and enjoy the pleasure of visiting the Malecón de Santo Domingo.

It is an unparalleled attraction where the wonderful Caribbean Sea with its emerald hues can be seen from the unique George Washington Avenue, the official name of this road.

It is also characterized for being one of the main and most striking arteries of the capital metropolis.

When deciding where to stay in Santo Domingo, I invite you to do so in this area.

If you get lodging here, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the wild Caribbean Sea if you choose your room strategically.

You can also enjoy a lively and bustling atmosphere and you will be very close to the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, a World Heritage Site.

Being a tourist attraction for all visitors, whether you come to the island for the first time, or you just love to repeat the good things.

It will always be a wonderful experience to walk along the gigantic “capital” breakwater.

And here you can have a great time, I am definitely mentioning an unmissable place marked in the Top 10 destinations to explore in the capital of Quisqueya la Bella.

If you are a night owl, you will discover an active nightlife that will undoubtedly delight party goers.

Come “Pa’cá”.

When you are on the boardwalk you can walk, sit on the benches that are all over the area and rest.

You can also ride a bike, enjoy an ice cream, or simply breathe the sea air and its particular aroma.

While enjoying the beautiful view as well as the melodic tones of the waves of the majestic sea of the Antilles.

Malecón Santo Domingo RDFrom its many balconies distributed along the spectacular road you can enter and feel the magical closeness to this body of salt water owner of numerous stories, anecdotes and legends.

Likewise, the boardwalk has recreation areas and spaces suitable for children.

The access for people with disabilities is completely friendly.

You can also find restaurants that offer the most diverse Dominican and international cuisine.

Historic Stays

Also lodging destinations such as the Jaragua, which recently celebrated its 80th anniversary accompanying Dominican tourism.

Similarly, hotels such as the Napolitano, established in 1975, and the Sheraton Santo Domingo since 1978 have been offering five-star accommodations.

And of more recent arrival the Catalonia Santo Domingo, and the Crowne Plaza, among others.

Also the Malecón Center, bars and monuments, each place loaded with stories of great value and meaning for the Dominican people.

Monumental Stops

For example, highlight the female Obelisk, strategically erected at the central point of the Malecon of Santo Domingo.

It is formed by two monoliths.

It was built during the “Era of Trujillo” in 1947 to celebrate the end of the foreign debt that the Dominican Republic had with the United States, achieving the long-awaited economic independence.

The monument owes its name to the fact that when it was structured, there already existed on the Malecon, the Obelisk, which had been inaugurated in 1937 with a height of 40 meters.

It had been raised to celebrate the change of name of the Dominican capital to Ciudad Trujillo.

However, years later, after the dictator was machine-gunned to death on May 30, 1961, it was renamed Santo Domingo.

So to differentiate the two symbolic architectural structures, they are popularly known as Obelisco Macho to refer to the 1937 Obelisco Macho and Obelisco hembra to refer to the 1947 Obelisco hembra.

Another unmissable attraction is the Monument to Fray Antón de Montesinos, distinguished in several historical notes as a defender of the Tainos during the time of the conquest.

It is one of the largest statues in all the Antilles and is worth a visit.

It is also one of the key points of the boardwalk with a small but beautiful beach.

It is located right in front of Arzobispo Meriño Street in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, a World Heritage Site.

Güibia Square

Inaugurated in 2011, it has become a meeting point with very good valuation of its regular visitors for the family atmosphere that is shared here.

However, many believe that the authorities of the Ministry of Tourism in coordination with the Mayor’s Office of the National District, should get to work on the structuring of a sanitation plan for its waters.

During the months of torrential rains, the beach fills up with garbage, as do the beaches of Fort San Gil and Montesinos.

Juan Baron Square

This is one of the main attractions of the city of Santo Domingo and specifically of the area.

When you are here, you can live a unique experience, enjoying a completely incredible view of the Caribbean Sea.

You won’t want to miss it!

Since it is used especially to share outdoor activities, with family and friends by both locals and foreigners.

This is a magical place where you can find street food, fun, concerts and an area for morning and afternoon exercises.

Entertainment activities begin in the early evening.

One of the most popular gatherings is the New Year’s Eve celebration to welcome the new year.

The party is public and is also part of the New Year’s Eve traditions.

These and other places to visit are the perfect reasons to travel to the Dominican Republic anMalecon of Santo Domingo 14 kilometers of rectilinear length, worthy of walking along with its strategic stops.d stay in Santo Domingo.

You will certainly discover an island full of charm and marvel at the shades of blue and green of the intriguing Caribbean Sea.


Malecon of Santo Domingo 14 kilometers of rectilinear length, worthy of walking along with its strategic stops.

As you know, in Santo Domingo, the First Capital of America, you can enjoy a tourist center whose historical and cultural richness is well represented in its diversity.

So we invite you to discover and value the Malecon of Santo Domingo, the Family Tourist Center of the DR.

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