Miches, opens to the world with beach tourism and ecotourism

This coastal municipality in the province of El Seibo, with 22,000 inhabitants, who have always lived from fishing and agriculture, is currently the girlfriend of national and foreign investors.

This, for large-scale tourism exploitation, while ecotourism remains one of its main attractions in the eastern Dominican Republic.

Fabulous investments are being executed, which has allowed an increase of the economy in the town.

Senator Santiago Zorrilla is currently the architect of the construction of a road linking Miches to the Eastern Highway, which will have a significant impact on tourism in the area.

The current road, which resembles a snake in its 42 kilometers of extension from El Seibo to Miches, due to its accentuated curves, is in itself an attraction, which allows at its highest points to visualize the bay of La Gina and the immense and beautiful Costa Esmeralda beach, embraced by coconut trees and of crystalline waters and white sand.

The suggested route, which has been announced by President Luis Abinader, is designed to make the trip easier, faster and more comfortable for sun and beach tourists.

Important changes
After the construction and operation of the Club Med hotel complex, Miches has undergone impressive urban changes, with the installation of photographic stops, as well as a boardwalk and a tourist pier and the Montaña Redonda stop, already an emblematic place of the coastal municipality.

Today you can already see a new town that replaced for good the old Miches.

Traveling the bumpy road at night is to see the immense bay and the lights of the small town of Miches; and beyond the peninsula, the lights of Samaná, Las Cañitas and other attractions within the coastal plain.

First tourists
The historical tradition goes that Miches received in 1921, a hundred years ago, the first tourists of American origin, when it only had 600 inhabitants.

The arrival of the white man was made by the coast of the El Jovero section and they came from Samaná.

“Being a neglected village of some 600 inhabitants boasting a single two-story house, this ‘out of the world’ place quickly gave itself over to a furor of curiosity towards its unexpected white visitors.

Even the commander of the guard detachment was a native lieutenant (the year was 1921 and the U.S. government was in command in Santo Domingo (Mf-); the nearest resident of the Caucasian type was the village treasurer, a young ‘Turk’, from Tripoli, owner of something that is much more than a general store, in the back of which, finally, we were served a much needed meal.”

100 km. road from the highway
Last June 10, the Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascención, announced the construction of three highways, one of which will connect the Autovía del Este with El Seibo and the municipality of Miches and two others will communicate the head municipality with Vicentillo and La Cuchilla, respectively.

Speaking at the beginning of the “Public Works with the People” program, the official said that the construction of the road that will link the Eastern Highway with Miches, whose length would be 102 kilometers, was an express provision of President Luis Abinader.

He said that this road will mean a considerable saving in time and fuel for users, will attract a greater influx of tourists and will provide greater security to the producers of this part of the Eastern region.

The official indicated that construction of this important highway is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2022, which is expected to give an important boost to the tourism potential of the province of El Seibo.

Investments are flowing and currently the Ministry of Tourism announced RD$51.0 million in works destined for the Esmeralda beach.

The investment highlights the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, is with the objective of boosting the tourist destination to that coastal attraction.

The project includes the beginning of the construction of the access to Esmeralda beach, the construction of a detachment and a parking area, which will be executed by the Executing Committee for Infrastructure in Tourist Zones (Ceiztur).

Five cargo containers will be built to enable a military detachment, with office space, dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as two additional containers to be used as bathrooms and changing rooms for beach visitors.

The investments include the beach access road to the camp and parking lots, which will have an extension of 430 linear meters, with two lanes divided by a central island culminating in a return.

The access to the beach is intended to be a public utility project, which will be guarded by members of the Dominican Republic Navy, who will provide cleaning and security support, complemented by the Tourist Police (Politur).

David Collado, Minister of Tourism, said that Miches is the new tourist pole of the Dominican Republic.

New hotels
New hotels are being built in Miches and are being developed in the area by the Cisneros family, entrepreneurs Frank Elías Rainieri and Rafael Papo Blanco, which will generate more than 1,500 jobs that will activate agriculture, small businesses and the entire coastal town.

The investments in the coastal demarcation have activated the cab drivers, the excursions, the small businesses and the entrepreneurs, the artisans.

The Government is the main promoter by awakening the interest of recognized hotel brands, which together with the private sector plan to invest more than US$1,000 million for the construction of 4,551 hotel and residential rooms in the destination.

The agreements signed seek to structure and implement various investment and development trusts in order to promote tourism real estate projects.

Currently, the construction of two hotels of the Viva Wyndham Resorts chain has begun, which makes it clear that the take-off of Miches as a tourist destination is already a reality, which will create thousands of jobs.

Grupo Piñero, operators of the Bahia Principe hotel chain, also stated that they continue to believe that the Dominican Republic is one of the most interesting countries to invest in and said that they will expand their investments in Miches.

Temptations Miches, which will have 496 rooms, will also be developed with an investment of approximately US$175 million, of which Banreservas will finance US$84 million.

Enchanting attractions
The mountains to the south of Miches are home to outstanding and exuberant freshwater waterfalls that dazzle day and night in the middle of the tropical forest. Among these waterfalls stand out La Llovedera, Salto el Cedro, Brazo, El Cocuyo and Jayán, where national and foreign tourists run daily to bathe.

In the sea, which covers a wide area of the northern part of the coastal municipality, the beaches Bahía Costa Esmeralda, Arena Blanca, Playa Las Cañitas and Playa Arriba await.

They are charming platforms of water and sand, which become a human sea every weekend.

This municipality with impressive natural attractions, extensive beaches, waterfalls, Montaña Redonda, beautiful place for selfies, the Redonda and Limón lagoons, already has another ally for the tourist exploitation, which is mobilizing in a massive way the excursion of tourists to its waters.

It is the “Media Luna”, a natural pool in the sea, formed by sand banks, paved by coral reefs and white sand.

It is a place that is preserved totally virgin in its natural habitat, allowing swimmers to take pictures with sea stars under and on the surface of the water.

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