Playa Teco, a paradisiacal place in Maimon Bay, Puerto Plata

Teco beach is a paradisiacal place located in the west of the bay of Maimon, which attracts due to its abundant beauty.

Playa Teco, in Puerto Plata, offers numerous natural attractions.
It is a natural treasure that is frequented not only by locals but also by foreigners who arrive on cruise ships to enjoy the extraordinary combination offered by the coastline and its nearby mountains, crystal clear waters, corals and abundant fish and seafood.

It is an area where you can go horseback riding and practice all beach sports. But also camping, because it is a beach with security thanks to its proximity to the detachment of the Dominican Navy.

Do not miss the wonderful experience of visiting Playa Teco, a dream place, virgin and with excellent parking space for all types of vehicles.


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