President Abinader: “We will demonstrate that the best destination in the world is the Dominican Republic”.

President Luis Abinader emphasized that the Dominican Republic is going to prove to be the best destination in the world, which is why this motivated the opening of borders because many people around the world are eager to visit the country, the wonderful beaches and connect with the culture and the kindness that the Dominicans offer.

Abinader, who spoke at the meeting of the Ministry of Tourism to present the results of the sector so far in his administration, added that proof of this is that the country has already surpassed 500,000 tourists, breaking the record of arrivals in July and approaching pre-pandemic levels.

“We already have open borders and we are working to consolidate the recovery we need and to deploy all the potential we have,” said the president, adding that tourism has been and is a strategic sector of the Dominican Republic.

He said that this is a sector in clear growth in past years but that the irruption of Covid19 stopped its activity, and that it needed to resist first and then relaunch itself.

Abinader recalled that in the first meeting of the Tourism Cabinet, the Responsible Tourism Recovery Plan was presented, which has been impeccably executed.

He expressed that the plan included that new certified protocols were implemented, which have allowed us to adapt to international best practices and strengthen our health safety management, in hotels and other tourism establishments.

“I have no doubt that if we work with commitment and hand in hand, this year 2021 will be remembered as the year that transformed our way of making change a reality, strengthened our pride and reconfirmed our ability to deal with adversity and know that it is still worth fighting to achieve our goals,” said the president.

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