Punta Cana: 8th popular US destination in summer

According to Expedia data, Fridays are the busiest day at airports during the summer months.

Punta Cana, in the eastern RD, ranks eighth on Expedia Summer Travel Outlook’s list of the most popular international destinations for summer travel.

The list is based on searches for flights or accommodations on Expedia.com for travel during the weeks of May 20 through September 6, 2024.

Among the most popular places for U.S. travelers are cities such as New York and London, and beach destinations such as Cancun and Honolulu.

France is also a summer hot spot, as Paris and the surrounding area prepare to host a major global sporting event in late July, the report says.

Mass accommodation searches

Punta CanaExpedia data reveals a massive increase in accommodation searches during these dates, in cities such as Yvelines (+520%), Lyon (+310%) and Marseille (+200%), compared to the same period last year.

Significant year-over-year increases are evident in major cities in Europe and Asia, along with popular beach resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Japan continues its reign as one of the top year-round destinations for U.S. travelers, with Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto appearing on the list of cities with the fastest growing demand during the summer.

According to Expedia data, Fridays are the busiest day at airports during the summer months, while Tuesdays are the lightest. The day of the week also matters when it comes to savings; for domestic flights, depart on a Tuesday instead of Friday to save about 15%, and Monday instead of Thursday for international flights.

Source: Mitur.gob.do

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