Romantic Pellerano Castro plaza and park south of Las Damas Street

In the southern end of the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, there is an exquisite recreational corner that serves as a delight and recreation for local residents and visitors who discover it and fall in love with this unique park.

Pellerano Castro Park, located between Las Damas, José Gabriel García, Arzobispo Portes and Isabel la Católica Streets, was intervened and remodeled urbanistically at the end of the last century; it is a shady haven caressed by the breezes coming from the Ozama River and the Caribbean Sea.

Its layout with straight lines and curves is adapted to the natural changes of the terrain of this first bluff that emerges immediately after crossing the Avenida del Puerto.

The fundamental compositional environment that unites the different environments of the place consists of a balustrade made of reinforced concrete and painted in beautiful pink and white tones, inspired by a previous section of the park, built in the early twentieth century.

Among trees and flowers

This beautiful square has planters in various shapes and sizes that contain from old trees that provide generous shade, to small decorative plants that brighten up the place with their flowers.

There are staircases in several points of the park, which maintain the unity with the handrail, allowing the entrance and exit of the place, wherever the visitor wishes.
The attractive park is like an enormous shaded terrace for the inhabitants of the houses that border its surroundings, who enjoy what they have turned into a space for meetings and pleasant chats, a place for board games, romantic dates at sunset and a venue for festive atmospheres at different times of the year.


The paving of the square was executed with simple cement tiles. This free and organic space has benches of the same material that are integrated into the existing landscaping, forming an architectural whole.

Two sculptural models adorn the space, one dedicated to the poet Arturo Pellerano Castro and the other to the Puerto Rican poet Julia de Burgos.

Another exceptional attraction of this charming place is that the complex overlooks the Caribbean Sea, which can be appreciated in all its splendor, supported by the singular balustrade, as well as the monument to Fray Antonio de Montesino, the Dominican priest who pronounced the Advent Sermon in favor of the mistreated Indians, in the presence of Viceroy Diego Columbus.

Full enjoyment

The early hours of the morning, as well as the late hours of the sunset, are the best times to fully enjoy this space, little discovered by tourists. Thanks to the shade cast by the trees, it can be enjoyed even at noon, when the sun embraces relentlessly.

This idyllic space, square and park at the same time, is another haven in the heart of our incomparable Colonial Zone, where we can let ourselves be trapped by the romantic atmosphere of the place and also by the spiritual vibrations of the neighboring Convent of Santa Clara.

This charming Republican-style park is bordered on the north side by houses of the same period; the whole constitutes a unique, pleasant and attractive environment, which encourages many newlywed couples to use it for taking pictures of their unforgettable moment.


-1- Architecture
The park is, without a doubt, an authentic example of the landscape architecture of the beginning of the last century.
-2- Complement
The republican environment is the perfect complement to the work.
-3- Extent
The extension of the park, which goes down to the avenue that borders the sea, is another attraction of the old city.



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