Salto el Limón, a hidden treasure of Samaná that you have to know

In the Samaná Peninsula, specifically in the community of El Limón, is hidden one of the most beautiful and incredible gifts that nature has given to the Dominican Republic; the waterfall, better known as -El Salto el Limón-.

This peculiar natural attraction is located about 300 meters above sea level, and consists of 3 outlets about 40 meters high from where the water falls to create a natural pool at the bottom, ideal for the enjoyment of locals and visitors.

El Limón Waterfall, Samaná
The journey to the waterfall is a little more than two kilometers and can be done perfectly on foot in approximately 30 minutes. Those who have taken this walk say that it is a real pleasure for the senses, since they can fully appreciate the exuberant and incredible tropical vegetation in which this natural refuge is immersed. In addition, you can enjoy the coconut plantations, cocoa and other fruit trees that are found at every step.

But if you do not want to do this tour on foot, but in a more fun way, the horseback riding option is ideal for you. This type of tour to the enclave leaves from the ranches, which are places around El Limón, where local inhabitants wait for tourists on their horses to guide them to El Salto. It is worth mentioning that this trade is the main source of income for the families in the community.

The road to El Salto can be traveled by several trails. The closest, and busiest, is in the town of El Limón. However, there are other routes such as El Café, which is highly recommended by guides and villagers in the area, because it is a trail with several stops, where tourists have the opportunity to purchase and enjoy dishes, drinks and typical local products, such as coffee, cocoa and coconuts.

Once you reach the waterfall, you can enjoy a refreshing swim that will surely be the best reward of the whole walk.

Around the waterfall are a series of caves that also offer different options to be visited.

If anything stands out in this environment, besides the incredible waterfall, it is the vegetation that surrounds the place, as well as the humid forests or mangroves and their spectacular flowers, which are a real enjoyment for its visitors.

In the vicinity of this unmissable destination, there are also different typical restaurants, among them, Rancho Limón Adventure, a very cozy gastronomic corner with a delicious and varied menu.

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