Soltour foresees high demand in DR destinations

Soltour confirmed good travel demand forecasts for the summer season. Slovenia and Albania, together with the Caribbean destinations of Riviera Maya and the Dominican Republic highlight the current travel trends among tourists.

The tour operator has analyzed the trend in bookings and has registered a very positive demand in Caribbean destinations, but also in less conventional places such as Albania or Slovenia.

The data collected shows how current travel trends involve classic sun and beach destinations, but also closer locations that allow to focus on the culture and gastronomy of the city.

“Summer is a key moment within the tourism industry and from Soltour we expect to obtain very positive data this year, hoping to surpass even the previous ones. The data reflects this, as only two months before the start of the campaign we have a very positive forecast,” confirmed Luis Santos, Soltour’s commercial director for Spain and Portugal.

But what is it about these places that attracts so many eyes?

Solotour Alta Demanda De Visitantes“The Caribbean is always an excellent option to disconnect and relax. The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean paradise that captivates its visitors with a diversity of impressive destinations; from the luxurious Punta Cana with its beaches and lively nightlife, to the authenticity of La Romana with its charming village of Altos de Chavón to which you can travel from 1,064 and 1,077 euros, respectively.”

“However, beyond the places is the hidden gem of Samaná, a peninsula of exuberant beauty to which it is only possible to travel with Soltour and which offers a thousand options with which the senses will be able to enjoy and be surprised. From the Haitises national park with a great biodiversity, to the Limón waterfall, the famous waterfall located in the interior of the Samaná mountain range, this place is available from 1,490 euros”.

In addition, the travel platform indicates that, “in Mexico, Riviera Maya combines sun, beach and a rich history. From the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum to the fascinating cenotes with crystal-clear waters, the region invites you to explore every corner of the island to the fullest from €1,550.”

“The data only reflect the good moment that the tourism sector is experiencing, with a summer that will be marked by increases in travel demand and in the spending that tourists will make on their vacations,” he adds.

Slovenia and Albania, the most unknown Europe.

“Albania is one of the unique and most unknown places on the European continent. A cultural and beach destination, in Albania it is possible to discover historic cities, such as Berat and Gjirokastër, declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, or relax on the Albanian coast, populated by exotic beaches and turquoise waters. Soltour has direct flight and accommodation packages for 7 nights from 1,058 euros.”

“Also, Slovenia stands as one of the most striking destinations for this 2024. The country’s capital, Ljubljana, boasts a wealth of tourist attractions and a rich cultural history from the iconic Lake Bled and the majestic Triglav National Park to the fascinating Škocjan Caves.”

They detail that the hidden pearl in the heart of Europe offers a perfect combination of nature, culture and adventure and with Soltour, it is possible to book a 4-night package with accommodation and flights included from €825.


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