Spain placed the DR among the top 10 highest-rated vacation destinations in the world

A specialized survey that took the opinion of 150 renowned travel and tourism professionals from all over Spain, placed the Dominican Republic on the list of the top 10 best-rated vacation destinations in the world.

The destinations chosen by those consulted are: Maldives (82%), United Arab Emirates (81%), Seychelles (74%), Costa Rica (71%), Japan (67%), Mauritius (66%), Greece (56%), Portugal (56%) and Dominican Republic.

In the Americas, the top three are Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Cuba; in Europe, Greece, Portugal and Italy; in Africa, the Seychelles, Mauritius and Tanzania; in Asia, the Maldives, the United Arab Emirates and Japan.

The survey was conducted last March by the specialized tourism communication agency “The Blue Room Project” based in Madrid, which has served tourist destinations in America, Asia and Europe, and is recognized for the success of its tourism communication programs and strategies.

Other surveys conducted in Spain and Europe confirm the good positioning of the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination.

According to The Blue Room Project, destinations that are open to tourism and that “at the same time have combined a coherent management of Covid-19 with low incidence figures and good external communication, will continue to be the most likely to receive tourist flows”.

The agency indicates that according to the experience of the professionals consulted, the main requirements for choosing a destination are “safety in the face of Covid-19, prices and supply, nature and flexible open spaces, connectivity/accessibility, reputational image and sustainability”.

In Spain the ranking is headed by the Canary Islands (83%), Andalusia (79%), Balearic Islands (78%), Asturias (60%) and Galicia (59%).

Other surveys carried out in Spain and Europe confirm the good positioning of the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination.

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