Terraza Gloria, a charming project for the whole family

Terraza Gloria is a project that was born in 2018 as an event patio aimed at local visitors who performed private activities. This arose under the initiative of the married couple Jorge Chame and Alby Crespo when they identified the need to create a similar space for people of all ages and the enjoyment of the same.

The beautiful house, which carries with it many significant and special memories for this family of 7 children, has been preserved almost intact; they remodeled the terrace making it look like a magical fairy tale space when entering it.

Today, Chame and Alby tell with much emotion and satisfaction what has become a dream come true, preserving the main structure just as doña Gloria wanted, who passed away in 2017 and although this one could not see the surprise, a flower mural was created in her honor.

As time went by, Jorge and Alby saw and felt the need to reinvent their business, so they decided to expand their gastronomic offerings and added to their menu homemade food such as mondongo, carnita frita, tiritas
ocoeñas, among others.

The space located in the beautiful province of San Jose de Ocoa, within its amenities has a kids club, magic and thematic puppet show, bar, a climbing wall and two cozy rooms. In addition to this, they are a Pet Friendly business.

Terraza Gloria, which today bears its name in honor of Jorge’s mother and other children in 2020, also decided to undertake the tour ¨Visita Ocoa¨; there they take tourists to learn a little more about the province and its different charms.

The space is ideal and lends itself to celebrate all kinds of events, whether birthdays, baby showers, weddings or lunches; it can accommodate 180 people and is open only on Saturdays and Sundays.

One of the main objectives of this couple is undoubtedly to raise tourism in the ecotourism province and contribute to its development with the creation of this space which has also generated jobs and helped families.

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