What makes the DR the best option in the Caribbean?

The tourist offer, the climate and the happiness of the Dominicans make the DR special for tourists.

Year after year, without a doubt, the Dominican Republic is the tourist country par excellence in the Caribbean. The numbers, the awards and the choice of thousands of tourists who prefer this island, for its sun and beach offer, its mountainous system, its culture, gastronomy, history, music, handicrafts, all-inclusive hotels, its climate and the happiness of its people.

Recently, the country was recognized for the second time as “Best Island in the Caribbean” and also “Best Caribbean Island for families and friends” by the Leisure Travel Award and the Wherever Awards given by the specialized magazine Global Traveler. But what has made the Dominican Republic the best destination in the Caribbean?

In a chance encounter, Fernanda Flores, a Chilean who moved to the country six months ago, said that there are two elements that combine to make any tourist fall in love: the climate and the happiness of Dominicans. “As for the climate, those of us who live in cold countries look for that warmth and we find it here, where you can feel the summer all year round. In addition, the people here are very cheerful and helpful,” Fernanda said.

For the young woman, the all-inclusive hotels are also an attraction for foreigners, because in other countries like Chile, the lodgings do not have this type of packages, however, she points out that although she has enjoyed them, she does not prefer them, since the DR has many more benefits.

“Abroad, people know what Punta Cana is, but when you get here and start to know other areas such as Pedernales, San Cristóbal, Santo Domingo, you definitely fall in love and do another type of tourism beyond the all-inclusive hotels.”

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