Abinader: Actions will continue to cleanse the Dominican Republic of crime

At the conclusion of the Eucharist at the Santo Centro, on the occasion of the Day of Our Lady of Mercy, President Luis Abinader answered questions from the press and emphasized that the religious celebration has become a tradition for him, since before he became President of the Republic.

He also said that he is optimistic about the country’s progress in terms of pandemic and economic recovery, while stressing that his government is ready to face any difficulties that may arise in order to solve them.

When answering about citizen security, he assured that organized crime has been dealt a blow as never before in the country and that the criminality in the communities will continue to be dealt with, because providing security is a commitment of the Government.

He reiterated that whoever falls, the operation will continue to clean up the Dominican Republic, which today is more than it was for many years, in terms of organized crime.

He assured that justice will reign and that the positive aspect of this process is that now names are not hidden, because everyone has to answer for their actions.

On the Haitian issue, he said that the first thing that must be faced in Haiti is security and that the time has come to leave irresponsibility behind and attend to this nation and go to pacify it.

He said that he will continue to insist on the solution to this problem because what happens in Haiti, in some way affects the Dominican Republic. He warned that it is urgent to attend to Haiti, for human and security reasons.

In this regard, he stressed that he has received support from the governments of Panama and Costa Rica regarding the country’s position on the Haitian issue.

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