Abinader inaugurates expansion and modernization of the San Isidro highway

President Luis Abinader inaugurated this Wednesday the widening and modernization of the old San Isidro highway, which today bears the name of the immortal national hero, Colonel Rafael Tomás Fernández Domínguez.

This is one of the investments that will have an assured return for the impact it has in economic and social terms and in the human development of the inhabitants of Santo Domingo East.

The Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascención, in his speech, indicated that this work is the 303rd ribbon cutting.

He also added that the residents of some of the nearby housing projects that will benefit from this work are: Pradera Tropical, Las Cayenas and Palmera Oriental, Paseo del Este, San Isidro Labrador, Filadelfia II and Amalia, among others.

Also, the workers of the San Isidro free zone and businessmen of the area, who had demanded the decongestion of the traffic, the urban and environmental sanitation and the removal of this important commercial artery, which due to the prevailing darkness at night facilitated misdemeanors and antisocial behaviors.

“The old San Isidro highway, which today bears the name of the immortal national hero Colonel Rafael Tomás Fernández Domínguez, will be definitively transformed into the newest commercial and real estate development artery in the eastern zone of Santo Domingo”, explained the official.

The contracted works were destined to the renovation of the 8 kilometer stretch of the old San Isidro highway, from its interception at Ave. Charles de Gaulle to Ave. Hípica.

The new road will have 4 lanes in each direction, for a total of 8 lanes of 3.5 meters wide, asphalted in all its extension with 4 and 6 inches of thickness, with their respective sidewalks and curbs, and a dividing wall of reinforced concrete type New Jersey.

In addition, lighting along the entire route, a set of crosswalks and the installation of 7 traffic lights to ensure the safety of those who must cross from one side of the avenue to the other.

Other beautification interventions have been included, with tree planting, lawn care and sculptures, in addition to the reconstruction of the streets in neighboring sectors, as is the case of the streets of the San Isidro air base residential area.

Also present were the director of Ethics and Government Integrity, Milagros Ortiz Bosch; the director of National Assets and the State Sugar Council, Rafael Burgos Gómez; the director of Digesset, Francisco Osoria; the director of Infotep, Rafael Santos, and the director of Presidential Management, Robert Polanco. Also, the general commander of the Dominican Air Force, Carlos Febrillet, and the liaison with the Christian Churches, Dío Astacio.

Also, the governor for the province of Santo Domingo, Julia Drullard; the senator, Antonio Taveras; the mayor for Santo Domingo East, Manuel Jiménez, together with the deputies Bertico Santana, Alexis Jiménez, Moisés Ortiz and Juan José Rojas.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do


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