Airports Department seals agreement with Air Rally

The Airports Department and the Canadian organization International Air Rally, one of the world’s leading flight event organizers, signed a collaboration agreement that seeks to strengthen the positioning of the International Air Rally in the country, expanding its geographic expansion to the network of international and domestic airports.

The agreement was signed by the executive director of the DA, Victor Pichardo, and the organization’s representative Catherine Tobenas, at the headquarters of the Opa Locka Executive Airport in Miami, Florida, as part of the strategy to promote the Dominican Republic as a safe destination for general aviation in the Caribbean region, within the “Country Effort” project promoted by the institution abroad.

“We thank Catherine Tobenas and her organization for joining the country effort, and allowing us to demonstrate that the Dominican Republic has a safe and friendly airport system for non-commercial private aviation,” said Pichardo.

According to the document, the DA is committed to support the coordination and logistics required for the realization of group air events to and from the Dominican Republic, including Air Rallys and Fly In, making international and domestic airfields available for them.

In addition, coordinate with airport operators and government agencies, the reception of participating aircraft, in accordance with the provisions of the Protocol for the Management of Non-Commercial Private Aviation.

Likewise, to establish with the different government agencies the opening for limited international operations, in any domestic airport that is chosen as first destination during the group air events.

Meanwhile, Air Rally International is committed to the DA to promote the image of the Dominican Republic as a safe and friendly destination for Non Commercial Private Aviation, through the design and implementation of a promotional strategy articulated with the permanent body of the Airport Commission.

Likewise, coordinate the planning and execution of the logistics required for the implementation of group air events to and from the Dominican Republic, including Air Rallys and Fly In.

“The Dominican Republic has it all, and this collaboration will allow American and Canadian pilots to enjoy the Dominican Republic as much as I enjoy it,” said Catherine Tobenas.

Source: Arecoa

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